In late June, I was in Japan on a business trip.
I was asked to deliver the Cerberus story and it's contents to an American newspaper
and/or media, in order to educate people about all the wrong doings ofC in Japan, and the land sharking business and threats, which took place there.
I love Japan, and I've spent a lot of time there, since modeling as a teenager in Tokyo.
I also have a very close friend and business associate who was personally affected by the doings of Cerberus.
When I learned about this story, I was outraged for my friend, and other Japanese
families and businesses. I spoke with an Oba-san (Osano san) while I was in Tokyo, and heard the pain in her voice.
When I contacted the Associated Press (AP) about the story, they were very interested and responded.
The story was directed to a Japanese AP reporter in Tokyo for Japan reporting, interviews in Japan, etc.
The reporter (Yuri Kageyama) contacted me from Tokyo with questions about the story,requesting further documentation, which I provided to her.
Then, she started acting strange and stopped communicating about the story.